A spectrum of colours with specific purpose: dp-specialist from Decorative Panels Lamination ..

The dp-specialist range of surface finishes from Decorative Panels is enormous. Constant product development, working on design and surface performance has ensured that the most fashionable and hard wearing products are included throughout the offer. Decorative Panels Lamination can offer over a 100 designs from dp-specialist range. There is a colour for every design need. Surface finishes in a variety of high gloss, super matt, unicolour designs are available in acrylic, PP, PVC and paper gloss finishes from the likes of Senoplast, Alfatherm and Renolit, among many others.

The dp-specialist is a range of surfaces with specific purpose. Ultimate in durability, excellent scratch resistant properties, cost effective, extremely flexible. In case micro-scratches do occur, the surface can be easily repaired with thermal heating (Serica collection). A simple iron can be used to renovate the surface and give it a new life.

Contact a member of the dp-lamination sales team today for more information and to order samples of this impressive collection.

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