Specify antimicrobial hardware to actively fight bacteria ..

Door handles are breeding grounds for bacteria. Often subject to high use, by multiple people, in environments such as hospitals, schools, care homes and offices. Alongside regular cleaning regimes, there are passive measures people can take.

SecuSan ® is an antibacterial and antimicrobial surface for door and window handles, that ensures high hygiene standards in busy buildings.

Benefits of SecuSan ® at a glance:

  • maintenance and wear-free on a long-term basis
  • actively fights bacteria from the moment of installation
  • covered by HOPPE’s 10-year operational guarantee
  •  reduces microbial growth by more than 99%
  • tested and certified to JIS Z 2801:2000 and ISO 22196:2011 standards

Specified for use in the NHS Nightingale North West, SecuSan ® immediately suppresses the growth of pathogens on the handle and independent tests have proved that SecuSan ® reduces microbial growth by more than 99%.

The maintenance-free surface can be applied to a range of popular HOPPE handle designs, all available in aluminium silver and stainless steel. It is also covered by HOPPE’s 10-year operational guarantee that applies to all HOPPE door and window handles.

To find out more about HOPPE antibacterial and antimicrobial surface door handles click here.

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