Nordic Brown Copper Waves ..

Nordic Brown Light pre-oxidised copper cladding, in the form of large shingles and vertical fins structuring glazing, creates a strong civic identity for architects JKMM’s expanded and remodelled library in Kirkkonummi, Finland. Nordic Brown Light copper is used in several architectural forms – unified by their materiality – notably, distinctive shingles generating diagonal wave-like patterns. The shingle patterns bring to mind images of fishing nets, particularly fitting for a city with an extensive and beautiful coastline, and maritime heritage.

Nordic Brown provides the same oxidised brown surface that otherwise develops over time in the environment. The thickness of the oxide layer determines the colour of the surface finish, with darker or lighter (Nordic Brown Light) shades. Nordic Brown Light gradually changes over time to a stable dark chocolate brown.

As well as Nordic Brown, the extensive Nordic Copper range includes Nordic Standard ‘mill finish’ plus Nordic Blue, Nordic Green and the latest Nordic Turquoise, developed with properties and colours based on the same brochantite mineralogy found in natural patinas all over the world. ‘Living’ surfaces are available for each colour with other intensities of patina flecks revealing some of the dark oxidised background material.

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