Foster inclusivity and keep tenants informed with Intratone’s Interactive Digital Noticeboard ..

Intratone’s new Interactive Digital Noticeboard is the latest addition to the company’s range of next-generation property management solutions. Created to enable a closer and mutually beneficial dialogue between Housing Associations and residents, its built-in interactivity connects both parties like never before.

The Interactive Digital Noticeboard has a unique survey function that allows housing managers to easily pose questions to tenants, who can then vote by placing their key fobs on the built-in proximity reader. Making collecting tenant feedback easy, our noticeboard is also remotely managed: so housing managers can connect with residents without leaving their desk.

As the Interactive Digital Noticeboard is linked to our secure online management site, notices and surveys can be set up and posted up in minutes – with housing managers offered a choice between uploading their own files or one of our preloaded templates. Notices can be set to broadcast immediately or at a specific time, and in all buildings or just one or two.

Our new noticeboard is long-lasting too, with a 10mm thick safety glass screen and integrated security screws. Easy to both use and manage, it offers an engaging and durable alternative to traditional bulletin boards – while also empowering housing managers to reduce time-intensive site visits and untidy paper flyers.

To find out more about Intratone’s Digital Noticeboard property management solution click here.


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