Mapei releases Ultraplan Rapid Repair Mortar for faster repairs ..

New Ultraplan Rapid Repair from Mapei offers an ultra-fast drying repair mortar for walls and floors, with thicknesses of 1 to 20mm in a single application. This Mapei smoothing compound, available in 10kg bags, can be used for repairing, levelling and smoothing interior floors, walls and the refacing of internal stair treads and risers where a rapid hardening and drying solution is required.

Ultraplan Rapid Repair is particularly suitable for repairing cementitious screeds and concrete, patch repairing walls and filling depressions and holes in walls and floors.

When mixed with water Ultraplan Rapid Repair become an easily workable thixotropic mortar with high bond strength and rapid drying time. It can be trafficked in as little as 120 minutes and hardens without shrinkage minimising the possibility of cracking or crazing, developing a high compressive strength and very good resistance to impact and abrasion.

The mortar mix should be applied using a flat metal trowel, and further coats can be applied in rapid succession, allowing just 20-30 minutes between each layer. Depending on site conditions and temperature, resilient and wood floor coverings can be applied after 24 hours.

To find out more about Mapei’s Ultraplan Rapid Repair mortar click here.

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