Keeping up with Modern Methods of Paving & SuDS ..

New guidance from Interpave has just been published on the detailed design and installation of modular concrete paving, covering block paving, flags and kerbs, including the growing use of mechanised site processes. It follows separate guidelines and a new Interpave CPD webinar presented by sustainable drainage specialist Bob Bray on the latest developments in concrete block permeable paving for SuDS.

Precast concrete paving offers endless variety with colour, texture and shape – visual interest and a human scale not possible with formless materials. Factory-produced modular concrete units deliver fast, low cost installation. Subsequently, layouts can easily be altered and units taken up and re-used to meet changing needs – particularly important with today’s post-pandemic demands. Modular concrete paving is particularly suited to well-established mechanised installation techniques, explained in Interpave’s new guide.

The technology’s potential is expanded further with concrete block permeable paving. Following more than 25 years use, it has demonstrated unique capabilities as a multifunctional SuDS technology, explained in a new, 30-minute CPD webinar video and the latest edition of ‘Understanding Permeable Paving and SuDS’, an essential introductory guide to all aspects of concrete block permeable paving for SuDS – and much more.

To find out more about Interpave’s Precast concrete paving click here.

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