Are we taking Solar shading seriously? Fix it now with roller blinds from Reflex-Rol ..


Adjustable sun needs adjustable shading. This problem doesn’t occur every day and when it does it is only for a part of the day and only part of the year, but it will be back again next year and the year after that and you get the message. So why not sort it now?

Fit Reflex-Rol roller blinds, which give control of winter glare whilst improving privacy, reducing summer heat gain and reducing winter heating bills (by improving night time insulation). They even continue to give good levels natural light with plenty of outward daytime vision. Solve the problems of low angles of winter sun and take the benefits the whole year round.

Reflex-Rol have been installing adjustable window shading roller blinds in the UK for over 30 years. A selection of hardware systems to suit the great majority of window types, industry leading solar filter/shade fabrics with the experience to recommend and install real solar shading solutions.

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