Magnificent Magna: The Raised-Access Flooring Solution by Havwoods ..

The latest innovation in raised-access flooring, MAGNA® is designed specifically for use in commercial spaces offering high-quality functionality without compromising on visual appeal.

Providing access to under floor services that cannot be installed within the wall cavities, the versatile solution from Havwoods has many practical benefits and delivers an ease of installation for commercial workspaces. Significantly quicker to fit and install than traditional glue or underlay applications, Magna reduces downtime during refurbishments.

Additionally, just like a conventional Havwoods wood floor, the boards can be sanded and maintained in exactly the same way to ensure a long-lasting, aesthetic floor surface.

Each plank consists of an Oak surface layer and engineered core, the magnetised and foam-sealed wood boards provide a secure connection to the supporting pedestals which can be conveniently disconnected using a suction lifter for enhanced access.

As each board is individually magnetised, you can easily replace and remove individual boards allowing access to a specific area rather than removing the whole floor surface.

With a range of beautiful designs available including the on-trend herringbone pattern, design possibilities are endless with the Havwoods Magna raised access flooring solution.

To find out more about Havwoods MAGNA® raised access flooring click here.

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