Kemper’s high reputation of totally reliable long-term waterproofing solution ..

Kemperol is the UK’s leading cold-liquid applied waterproofing and surfacing with full BBA certification – awarded the longest possible ‘expected working life’ category of a minimum 25 years. With over 60 years’ experience, Kemper has a reputation as a totally reliable long-term waterproofing solution, with surfacing options for heavy pedestrian or even vehicular use.

It is applied wet-on-wet, giving the strongest possible permanent bond to almost all substrates. There are no mechanical terminations or fixings – the most common point of failure on flat roofs – and it can be used for both new-build or repair. It bonds seamlessly to upstands and penetrations forming a continuous membrane that gives integrated protection on even the most complex roofs. Being permanently elastic, it easily withstands structural and thermal movement, bridges cracks and is highly resistant to mechanical damage.

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