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Knowing the true occupancy and the flow of people in and out of a store, office or building is now more important than ever. Yet so far this has mostly been achieved by an individual standing at the entrance and counting.

GEZE has introduced two systems, GEZE Counter Plus and GEZE Counter Connect that integrate with automatic doors to provide controlled admission by a simple but effective traffic light system and meets the need for social distancing.

GEZE Counter systems provide analytics by hour, day or week to give management greater control and ensure the health and safety of employees and customers.

The systems employ a simple traffic light arrangement – wait whilst the light is red and the doors are de-activated, and enter when the light is green. There are two versions available, meaning there is a system for every building – an internet or cloud based system for full analysis, control and management either locally or at head office, or a local network system to a designated PC or smart phone to view, control or manage analytics in store.

Adam Presdee, Service Director said ‘The GEZE Counter systems are a cost-effective way to manage the number of people in and out of a building and it frees up a number of staff who can be more productively employed elsewhere in the building’.

To find out more about GEZE admission control systems click here.

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