Contemporary & Classical Nordic Copper ..

A striking contemporary rooftop extension clad in Nordic Brown Light copper scalloped panels announces the rejuvenated Aberdeen Art Gallery and reinforces copper’s historic presence on the city’s civic roofscape.

Hoskins Architects’ award-winning scheme incorporated a complete overhaul of the entire listed, late 19th/early 20th century complex. The Nordic Brown Light copper rooftop extension contains a suite of environmentally controlled temporary galleries, as well as much-needed learning and event spaces, providing bold new interiors.

The extension was designed as a sculptural element, responding to the proportions and colours of the existing granite frontages. It is defined by vertical, scalloped panel facades of Nordic Brown Light pre-oxidised copper – a thoroughly contemporary design but sharing materiality with the buildings’ classical copper dome. Repairs to the dome itself were carried out using Nordic Green pre-patinated copper, complementing the existing historic patination. The Nordic Brown Light copper will also develop naturally over time, responding to the local environment.

The copper panels, including some perforated for transparency, were pressed and rolled to take the scalloped shape, before delivery to site and installation on secret-fix support rails with rose-golden coloured stainless steel cappings. Nordic Brown Light is part of an extensive portfolio of architectural copper surfaces and alloys from Aurubis.

For more information about Aurubis’ Nordic Brown copper panels click here.

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