The fire-safe future of building membranes ..

The FlameOut range of building membranes offers superior protection for the building envelope, both for new construction and façade renovations and upgrades. FlameOut Breathe is a breathable, non-woven multilayer fabric with excellent self-extinguishing flame retardant properties. It is suitable for both wall and pitched roof applications, with W1 water resistance. FlameOut Block, available in two grades, is a reinforced polyolefin vapour control layer recommended to minimise interstitial condensation. Proprietary tapes and adhesives in the range allow for effective and easy installation.

Both FlameOut Breathe and FlameOut block are rated Class B-s1,d0 flame retardant to the EN13501-1 standard. Developed by Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP), the membranes comply with UK Building Regulations Approved Document B, which recommends a minimum rating of Class B-s3,d2 for external wall systems. Recent government estimates show that more than 2000 high-rise buildings in the UK still need to be refurbished because of dangerous cladding, so building materials fit for purpose have never been more important. The FlameOut range is being specified for a number of refurbishment projects, including the façade upgrade of Saxton Gardens, a residential development in Leeds.

ITP also offers the UK’s first noncombustible A2 breather membrane for the highest level of fire protection in façade construction. Safe One is a glass fibre fabric with elastomer coating, independently tested to EN 13501-1 and rated Class A2-s1, d0. Safe One has been installed in a number of prestigious projects in the UK since its launch including The Gantry, a new hotel development in Stratford, East London, and Harbour Central, a residential development in Canary. As technical support, a RIBA approved CPD is available, via Zoom and as webinar.

The Safe One A2 membrane and FlameOut Breathe have also been used in the façade upgrade of an exclusive marina residential development in Kent, which had been constructed with the same cladding as Grenfell Tower. “The FlameOut range represents a new generation of fire protection materials for the construction industry,” said ITP’s Managing Director, Marc van der Voort. “It builds on our two decades of experience in flame retardant technology for building materials as well as temporary containment sheeting.”

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