New Unity A1 fire rated cladding system fully tested to BS 8414-2:2020 and BR135 compliant ..

The continued fire risks associated with high rise developments, has seen specialist cladding manufacturer Metalline, develop a new (A1 Fire Rated to BS EN 13501-1) non-combustible solid aluminium cladding panel. Entitled Unity their A1 panel is ideal for both new build and as a replacement for buildings currently fitted with non-compliant ACM, HPL and timber cladding. The new rainscreen panel is functional with exceptional mechanical properties including strength, durability and fire-resistance.

It Is ideal for use on a range of properties including residential, commercial and office buildings over 18 metres. The Unity A1 Fire rated rainscreen panel is produced using a solid aluminium substrate that can be fitted as either a cassette or typically as a flat faced panel fixed onto an appropriately designed support framework. Applications include a floor to floor framing system, a through
fix rainscreen system, a discrete fix framing system, an interlocking rainscreen system, a secret fix rainscreen system and an interlocking plank and soffit system.

Unity A1F2F Floor 2 Floor Rail System – A floor to floor framing system that has been designed to speed up the installation process, by reducing the requirement of multiple fixings and brackets associated with a traditional helping hand system. Ideal for high rise developments and as a cladding replacement our unique ball and socket design allows up to 30 degrees rotation to the front face of the
rails, ensuring precise alignment of each panel, even if the existing structure is out of plumb.
Unity A1TF Through Fix Rainscreen System – A face fixed non combustible solid aluminium rainscreen panel that is perfect for the replacement of existing HPL and ACM cladding panels. Colour matched through fixings provide a clean aesthetic finish.

Unity A1DF Discrete Fix Rainscreen System – A versatile non-combustible rainscreen cassette system with a durable high-performance finish. Discrete fixings provide a streamlined appearance in both landscape and portrait orientation. It can be fitted to a typical helping hand system as well as a specially designed framing application.

Unity A1IL Interlocking Rainscreen System – A strong and durable interlocking non -combustible rainscreen panel that ensures no visible fixings to the external appearance of the façade.

Unity A1SF Secret-Fix Rainscreen System – A non-combustible “Hook-On” secret fix cassette system that provides streamlined aesthetics and is easy to install.

Unity A1PS Interlocking Plank & Soffit System – An interlocking non-combustible solid rainscreen panel that is cost effective and easy to install. The interlocking nature of the system ensures no visible fixings and is easy to install.

Unity A1 Panels are available in a range of finishes dependent on specific design requirements. A process of continuous coil coating or anodising provides a high performance and non-combustible finish to a solid aluminium substrate.

Unity A1 panels are one of the few large format cladding panels that are truly 100% non-combustible, achieving an A1 classification to BS EN 13501-1. The system has also been subjected to a full-scale BS 8414-2:2020 test (Fire Performance of External Cladding Systems) and is compliant to BR135 requirements. The test conducted was one of the first performed within the UK to the May 2020 regulations.

To find out more about Metalline’s aluminium rainscreen cladding panel click here.

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