Easy installation, maximum operational reliability with Wilo’s faeces lifting unit ..

The Wilo-DrainLift S faeces lifting unit is suitable for front-wall-like installation in residential buildings.

It is also particularly easy to install even in cramped conditions thanks to its freely selectable inlets, minimal dimensions and low weight. Fitted with an additional wireless alarm transmitter, it transmits push notifications to smartphones in the event of a fault for maximum control and exceptional operational reliability.

Your advantages

  • The lightweight and space-saving compact construction allow easy installation – even in front-wall-like installations
  • Maximum connection flexibility thanks to freely selectable inlets on both long faces and one end face
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel motor, integrated thermal motor protection, non-clog vortex impeller and sound alarm with optional Wilo-SmartHome connection for high operational reliability.

To find out more about Wilo’s faeces lifting unit click here.

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