Bringing daylight and fresh air to learning facilities ..

As part of the transformational project at Tullibody South Campus in Clackmannanshire, Scotland, VELUX Modular Skylights were installed to bring natural light and fresh air into the learning spaces for 700 children under the age of 11.

With statistics showing that children spend up to 90% of their day indoors, with much of that time spent in the classroom, the design of educational institutions has been changing dramatically over recent years to address the need to create lighter, brighter, and more stimulating environments.

Initial discussions between the architect and the contractor had revolved around designing bespoke rooflights, however, it was felt that VELUX Commercial would fulfill the project’s requirements with its prefabricated, modular skylight solutions.

The configuration of the new Tullibody campus with its mix of primary school classrooms, nursery playrooms and central staircase, each requiring different lighting conditions, necessitated an ambitious approach to daylighting and to ventilation.

As Keith Sinclair, Architect at Keppie Design explained: “Our design was continuously modelled and tested by our mechanical and electrical engineers to suit the requirements of BB101 in terms of daylighting. Each space had a particular target that needed to be achieved and the design and specification of the rooflights was included within these tests – which ultimately determined which specification we required”.

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