Vapour barrier and moisture guard ..

wedi’s newest building board, the Vapor 85 is introduced to the market this year. It is a panel type sealing system: a building board with a pre-integrated vapour membrane barrier applied in the factory, providing an SD value of 92. Perfect for challenging applications in areas with very high levels of humidity such as in wet rooms that are constantly under a heavy strain, in wellness areas such as steam rooms or as an interior lining of swimming pool halls. It is ideally suited to high chloride environments and due to its vapour retardant properties, the board can assist in protection of stainless steel stud frames. Thanks to its excellent thermal insulation properties (0.036 W/mK2) it also prevents heat loss, can be directly tiled onto and its 100% water tightness guarantees an all-round protection.

Another new product, the high-quality single-component wedi 620 sealant is indispensable in combination with wedi Vapor 85. It is developed to use alongside wedi Tools sealing tapes, sealing corners and sealing gaiters for reliable sealing and bonding of connections and butt joints in a single step.

Whether this sealing system is used on ceilings, walls or floors, it provides waterproofing, vapour barrier and thermal insulation at the same time – the perfect solution for use in the construction of low-maintenance and energy efficient pool areas.

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