Redefine exteriors with Hörmann’s Duragrain surface finishes ..

Take an alternative approach to the exterior of residential projects throughout 2020 with Hörmann UK’s new Duragrain offering.

As Europe’s leading door provider, Hörmann has launched 24 decors for its popular sectional garage door, featuring a printed finish that utilises a high-strength protective exterior coating. This creates an ultra scratch-resistant surface, making it Hörmann’s most durable surface finish to date. The UV-resistant layer, ensures the colour won’t fade during sun exposure, helping the door to remain in good quality for years to come.

This not only allows specifiers and architects to add a unique touch to each project’s exterior, but also provides their clients with the confidence they are specifying a garage door that will withstand everyday usage with ease.

Of the 24 options, there are standout finishes such as ‘Rusty Steel’, ‘Burned Oak’ and on-trend ‘Concrete’ to choose from. The Duragrain finish also enables architects and specifiers to redefine the expectations of the garage space as the sectional garage door includes a 42-mm-thick, double skinned LPU steel section with PU foam infill, reducing potential heat transfer for premium thermal performance.

To complete the look, Hörmann can also create lintel and frame profiles in a colour that matches the finish.

To find out more about Hörmann’s surface finishes click here.

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