TBA Firefly’s Passive Fire Barriers CPD seminar available online ..

Presented by sector specialists, TBA Protective Technologies Ltd, who manufacture the FIREFLY™ range of flexible fire barriers at their Rochdale facility, have issued their latest CPD seminar on Passive Fire Protection (PFP) via their website.

The introduction to the new CPD begins with an overview of PFP, citing the importance of sealing around pipework, ducts and other penetrations. The presentation then moves on to legal requirements, explaining that cavity fire barriers should offer a minimum of 30 minutes’ containment of smoke and flame with the occasional need to perform for longer periods of up to two hours.

A cavity fire barrier also needs to restrict the temperature rise on the unexposed face for a minimum of 15 minutes, but is often specified to deliver 30 minutes or more of insulation. It should also be noted that barriers / compartmentation should be in place every 20 metres.

Various elements of Part B of the Building Regulations are covered, and the CPD points out that the “prime objective of Part B  is the safety of life, not the preservation of the building.”

There are various slides showing illustrated examples of the types of detailing required, that good design should consider when deciding upon the specification of a fire barrier:

Typical installations include cable tray penetration, joint detailing and timber penetrations.   

The seminar then moves on to the importance of PFP components, and provides a variety of photographic examples of real life installations. The presentation is completed by an example of IFC certification and lastly, the summary. 

Essentially FIREFLY™ has created a straightforward and instructive presentation, ending with a questionnaire to complete in order to receive a 2 Point CPD accreditation.

Firefly™ Sales Director Martyn Rolfe, comments: “The new CPD seminar on our website offers Architects, Fire Engineers and other specifiers the opportunity to undertake training in their own on crucially important subject of passive fire protection. This will award them two points towards their annual CPD score and we are also developing a video conferencing version of the seminar, so that we can present to multiple people remotely.”

To find out more about TBA Firefly’s Passive Fire Barriers CPD, click here.

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