Sanifos 1300 Underground Pumping Station ..

Following the success of smaller models in the range, Saniflo has launched another in its series of Sanifos underground pumping stations.

The highly versatile Sanifos 1300 joins its 110, 250 and 500 litre counterpoints by providing a solution for buildings that need to expel waste water but have no access to gravity drainage or situations where the costs are prohibitive to install a completely new drainage infrastructure.

The new lifting station is available in a variety of configurations and can service single large buildings or multiple smaller buildings. The single-phase version can be supplied with a vortex impeller or grinder, whilst the three-phase version has a vortex impeller only. It has a 1300 litre tank with two pumps and a choice of inlet position and an optional 40mm extension is available. It has a float activation system and the pumps are mounted on a cast iron base with stainless steel guide bars for easy removal and maintenance.

To find out more about Saniflo’s Sanifos underground pumping stations, click here.


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