Lords Cricket Ground – Indoor Cricket Pavilion ..

An installation to the Indoor Cricket Pavilion at Lords Cricket Ground was the result of some two years of design study and consideration to correct gutter deflections and broken gutter joints in the fully welded aluminium gutters. The broken gutter joints were the result of thermal expansion and contraction and were causing leaks into the building. The deflections in each of the four valley gutters and two outboard gutters resulted in standing water up to 60mm deep within the first 20 metres of the building.

Unifold® was chosen to correct the deflections using cut to falls insulation to provide positive falls of 1:200 in the problem areas.
This resulted in the need for a new front Unifold gutter which was installed within the canopy at the front of the building and this was discharged to new drains via siphonic outlets and pipework systems.

The work was achieved with acceptable aesthetic conformity and has been fully water tested.

To find out more about the Unifold Gutter by Ampteam, click here.

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