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Permeable Paving

A recent report by the Greater London Authority highlights the damage caused by vehicle pollution in road and surface water drainage to our rivers and streams. Concrete block permeable paving offers the obvious starting point to address this growing problem.

Pollution can build up on all hard surfaces used by vehicles, from motorways to driveways. It results from tyre or brake wear, oil or fuel leaks, dust from the atmosphere and other sources. Rainfall washes this diffuse pollution off the surface into dedicated ‘surface water’ sewers, directly polluting our watercourses and rivers. Of course, road gulleys and piped drainage don’t remove pollution or attenuate water flows.

But concrete block permeable paving does directly address this major problem. It is specifically designed for a dual role, acting as the drainage system as well as supporting people and vehicles. At the same time, many pollutants are substantially removed and treated within the paving layers, providing a gradual flow of clean water.

Its application as a multifunctional SuDS source control within our streetscapes presents an obvious solution to vehicle pollution – whether retro-fitted in place of existing paving or designed-in to new developments. Today, there is a growing choice of concrete blocks and paving slabs available from Interpave manufacturers, designed specifically for permeable paving.

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