All Clad in Glass With CRL’s Langle Al-Wall® Glass Facade ..

Glass Facade

Glass is a popular façade choice for commercial and domestic buildings being chosen for its practical qualities and the aesthetic advantages it offers.

In any building where the feeling of openness, brightness and views are important, glass is likely to be the predominant material used for the exterior cladding. Glass combines light and transparency with practical features such as thermal insulation, solar control, acoustics, fire protection, safety and security.

However, installing glass to building exteriors has its challenges. The use of appropriate systems and solutions that ensure safety of the installers and end users while enabling a quick, seamless installation is vital.

Creating a protective envelope around buildings, the CRL Langle Al-Wall system is quick and simple to install, with a clever clip design fixing the individual glass panels and eradicating the need for complex glass cut-outs.

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