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Ultratop Loft

Mapei’s impressive Ultratop range features two ideal coating products for creating highly original decorative interior floors and walls with classic pronounced effects: the course grained Ultratop Loft F, and the finer grained Ultratop Loft W, applied at a combined system thickness of 2mm.

Creating bespoke floors that may be subjected to intense pedestrian traffic in areas such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, and in areas relating to interior decorating in the residential and commercial building sector, has been made easier with the introduction of the Ultratop Easycolor System.

Mapei’s Ultratop Easycolor System can be used to produce specific colours from a wide palette to create floors and walls with distinct tones and textures that are extremely versatile, hard-wearing and unique.

Forming a non-self-levelling, trowellable paste when mixed with water, both products can be easily applied by hand with a smooth rubber or steel trowel. Ultratop Loft F and Ultratop Loft W share many advantages; both products are rapid-drying and set to foot traffic within 3 hours, ensuring treated surfaces are quickly ready for use. The versatility of the products also allows for them to be used on new floors, and to refurbish existing floors and walls. Both products are packaged to maintain a long shelf-life and will remain stable for up to 24 months when stored in a dry place.

A finishing product from the Mapefloor Finish range, with a choice of 3 sheen levels, can be applied 6-24 hours after a final coat of Ultratop Loft F or Ultratop Loft W, to protect the treated surface and to make it non-absorbent. The desired finished effect will determine which finishing product is the most suitable.

Complying with necessary regulations under the U.S. Green Building Council, Ultratop Loft F and Ultratop Loft W conform to Mapei’s commitment to the environment through Green Innovation.

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