A component based stainless steel balustrade system by SG System Products ..

Sentinel is a stainless steel balustrade system with a range of handrail and infill panel options. The stylish components based system can be installed with a variety of contemporary infill solutions including glass, perforated metal sheet, stainless steel or powder-coated rails, stainless steel wire or to a bespoke design.

The Sentinel stainless steel balustrades have been designed with a range product finishes available. These include bright or satin polished. The Sentinel stainless steel balustrade is suitable for many applications depending on the handrail that may be required.

It is perfect for a wide variety of commercial environments, where a regal, yet durable look is required. It is also a sterling choice to purchase for domestic settings and balconies.


• Handrail: – is either 42mm or 48mm finished diameter stainless steel grade 304 or 316, and can incorporate LED lights(Illumine). However, PVC sleeved (Stargard), timber (Coppice), Brass (Citadel) are also available

• Balusters (posts): – are stainless steel grade 304 or 316 with a finished diameter of 48mm.

• Infill panels: – a choice of glass, perforated metal sheet, stainless steel or powder coated mid / running rails, stainless steel wire or to a bespoke design

• Fittings: – base plates, handrail brackets, glass brackets are all stainless steel.

• Surface Finish: – bright or satin polish.

Sentinel stainless steel balustrades are perfectly suited to commercial environments. Some domestic projects may also require the durable and contemporary nature of Sentinel.

To find out more about SG System Products’ stainless steel balustrades click here.

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