Strengthening rollformed profiles with Ultraboss™ and Indicia ..

Committed to innovation, Hadley Group is pleased to share the development of UltraBoss™, a patented technology that delivers a significant increase in the performance of rollformed profiles, which can then be marked with an identifiable Indicia stamp.

UltraBoss™ can be applied to custom profiles, whether they are manufactured via the standard cold rollforming process or using the company’s UltraSTEEL® process. By embossing the corner of the profiles, strength is increased by local work hardening and overall stiffness is improved, along with the product’s geometry, enhancing its stability in use.

Through UltraBoss™, functional improvements can be achieved. However, the addition of the Indicia stamp also enables a company’s name or logo to be indented on to the forefront of the superior section to make individual products clearly identifiable. The UltraBoss™ process is beneficial for cold rollformed profiles in a number of sectors.

Mike Castellucci, Group Engineering Director at Hadley Group, said: “The success of our business has been built on our world-class capabilities in the production of high strength, weight saving components and profiles using cold rollforming technology and our award- winning UltraSTEEL® process. The UltraBoss™ process complements these practises and further strengthens our client’s products. The patented Indicia stamp provides product recognition and reinforces the power of a customer’s brand positioning.

“At Hadley Group, we are constantly exploring new ideas to uncover how we can apply both existing and new technology and processes to the art of rollforming. A number of high-profile customers are already utilising the UltraBoss™ process in conjunction with the patented Indicia stamp and they are seeing significant improvements in both performance and installation. We hope that we will see an increased uptake in this innovative process as we believe that it will really benefit a company’s rollformed profiles, both from a functional and brand perspective.”

Hadley Group is a world leader in advanced cold rolled steel technology, with manufacturing facilities in the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia and more than 800 employees worldwide. The company offers innovative solutions with applications across sectors as diverse as construction, automotive, industrial and agriculture.

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