Win Six Nations Tickets with a Conversion to Keystone’s Hi-therm+ Lintels ..

Keystone’s award-winning Hi-therm+ lintels offer an innovative solution to improving SAP calculations and meeting Part L regulations.  Specifiers now have the opportunity to tackle thermal bridging and convert to Hi-therm to be in with the chance of winning a pair of tickets to the Six Nations.

Why Hi-therm?

The Hi-therm+ Lintel provides a low cost solution for reduced carbon emissions and is up to five times more thermally efficient than a standard steel lintel.

Designers are now facing the challenge of enhanced energy efficiency within SAP which forces them to address thermal bridging in all its forms.  While there are a number of options available to boost efficiency, none offer the impact and cost efficiency within SAP of the Hi-therm Lintel.

A Fabric first Approach

Lintels are, in most cases, the most significant thermal bridges due to the fact that traditional style steel lintels interrupt the line of insulation with a continuous piece of highly conductive steel.

The innovative design of the Hi-therm+ Lintel, utilises a rigid polymer thermal insulator as an effective thermal break, but incorporates a steel inner and external leaf so it is installed in exactly the same way as a standard lintel.  The use of this unique Hi-therm+ lintel in place of standard steel lintels can lead to an 80% reduction in thermal bridging through the lintels. By making these large savings on thermal bridging, designers gain the flexibility to trim back on other more expensive options (such as wider cavities) yet still comply with the latest building regulations.

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