Ply-to-ply process produces flame-retardant Poplar Plywood ..

Exclusive to James Latham in the UK, Garnica Fireshield is an FR Poplar Plywood which has been modified through an innovative ply-to-ply process, producing outstanding flame-retardant properties.

Unlike other similar products with surface fire-retardant coatings, the FR properties of Garnica Fireshield are integral to the panel. During manufacturing, each individual layer of core veneer is treated prior to the final assembly, rendering it exceptionally fire-resistant and ensuring its performance is not compromised, even after working or sanding.

Lightweight, exceptionally stable, easy to machine and easy to transport, Garnica Fireshield has Euro Class B certification, making it an ideal option for public areas where an independently assessed, FR panel is part of the specification.

Miles Kember, James Latham’s Group Plywood Director commented, “The quality of the faces, the wide range of finishes, the lightness and the superior technical characteristics of Garnica Fireshield all combine to make this class leading panel an excellent choice for any project requiring an FR certified solution.”

Particularly well suited to projects in restaurants, concert venues, schools, hospitals, museums and other public buildings, the most common applications are decorative interior wall panels, ceiling panels, elevator interiors, wall partitions, furniture and displays.  Also, because of its lightness and ease of machining, it has proved a popular choice with the exhibition sector for stand building.

Produced using fast-growing, European plantation wood, Garnica Fireshield is responsibly sourced and ethically verified and is FSC® certified.  It is also classified as B-s1-d0 according to EN13501, enabling it to be used for exterior building and construction use.

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