Kemper System’s delivers Green Roof solution ..

A sustainable contemporary home featuring two green roofs has been constructed with the help of Kemper System. Chapter House, located in Surrey, has been built using a range of natural materials, including timber cladding and Scandinavian bricks.

The homeowner and former builder helped to specify Kemper System’s Kemperol V210 liquid waterproofing resin for the project. The product was required for a sedum roof above the main living area and another above the new garage.

The homeowner was keen to be involved in their design, especially the waterproofing to ensure the most effective solution. The Kemperol V210 liquid resin was installed ‘wet on wet’ in a single process using a reinforcement fleece. Once cured, it formed a seamless and elastomeric membrane. The waterproofing membrane is a vital element of any green roof specification. The use of Kemperol guarantees a watertight barrier between the roof substrate and the green roof systems, which is also root and rot resistant without the need for a protection layer.

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