Innovative materials driving Washroom Toilet Cubicle design ..

When it comes to washroom facilities, material choice is always a vital part of the design process. Innovative new materials, which offer exceptional durability together with design versatility, are ideal for projects demanding exacting aesthetic and performance standards as Trevor Bowers, director at Washroom Washroom explains.

Creating the perfect finish with high tech laminates
As a company, we’re always looking for new materials we can manufacture with to create products that not only look attractive, but are hardwearing and practical in equal measure.

FENIX NTM®, which is an acrylic resin surface material manufactured by Italian manufacturer Arpa Industriale using the latest nanotechnology, is one of the latest laminates to hit the market and has fast become a popular choice with designers and specifiers alike. Offering very low light reflectivity which results in an extremely opaque super matt surface, FENIX is also soft to the touch, offering an extra luxury feel to installations and with its impressive array of practical benefits – it provides the ideal solution for high specification washrooms from commercial to residential.

Washroom’s range of full height flush front Alto FENIX toilet and shower cubicles are finished using FENIX laminate to make the most of its high performance attributes including being anti-fingerprint, hydro repellent, thermally self-healing and resistant to scratches and abrasion. As well as being lightfast, so it won’t fade over time, it is also easy to clean, mould resistant and boasts enhanced anti-bacterial properties. Washroom’s range of Alto FENIX cubicles are available in 15 colours – so the design and installation can be tailored to suit any colour scheme to make sure it’s in keeping with the client’s vision for their washroom space too.

Solid surfacing – a solid choice
Solid surface materials such as Corian®, which lend themselves to being cut, bent and joined to produce a seamless smooth finish are perfect for washroom vanities and duct panelling. Solid surface materials are easy to clean and durable enough to withstand the rigours of a high traffic environment, while the seamless joins create a hygienic surface that prevents bacteria and mould from getting a foothold.

Corian is available in an extensive choice of attractive colours and textures, from bright, eye-catching colours to subtler tones intended to mimic the look of natural stone.

By their nature, the colour and pattern runs all the way through solid surface materials meaning that they can be cut to any size and be moulded into virtually any shape for a smooth seamless finish. On a recent washroom refurbishment project for a shopping centre in Watford, we created unique trough-style Corian vanities with a seamless wave design running down the entire length of the unit.

Our designers are always looking for new ways to use traditional and new materials. We’ve recently developed an additional option on our popular Alto toilet cubicle range which combines the traditional high pressure laminate cubicle construction with solid surfacing edging on the cubicle door. This can be specified in the same colour as the toilet cubicle door and panels or different to create a contrast. The hard-wearing solid surfacing material ensures that the toilet cubicles will last, even in high traffic areas.

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