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A summertime stroll through the Poundbury Estate in Dorset reveals the difference AkzoNobel wood coatings make to this thriving community.

In deepest Dorset, a quiet but colourful revolution is taking place. On the Poundbury Estate, the Duchy of Cornwall’s unique ‘model village’ development close to Dorchester, 3,000 residents are living a life of tranquil bliss in a unique community of private and affordable housing. And AkzoNobel, through its Sikkens Wood Coatings brand, is playing a key role in the creation of this extraordinary neighbourhood.

Taunton Joinery, the joinery contractor at Poundbury appointed by the developer CG Fry & Son, specified a number of Sikkens Wood Coatings RUBBOL products for use on an array of external joinery products, including windows and front doors.

Jamie Stewart, managing director of Taunton Joinery, said: “For more than 20 years we’ve supplied casement windows, sliding sash windows and external doors for the Poundbury Estate – and we’ve used a range of Sikkens functional primers and topcoats.

The Sikkens Wood Coatings products are all supplied by Neal’s Coatings, the Sikkens Wood Coatings West Country distributor. Since the mid-1990s Neal’s Coatings has been supplying paint and specialized coatings across the South and West of England. For the Poundbury Estate, it supplied:

  • SIKKENS RUBBOL® WP 198 (Aqua Primer 205)

A waterborne sprayable white primer ideal for mid-coat applications on pinewood
constructions. It delivers isolating properties against discolouring wood extractives, is
suitable for exterior and interior use, provides high filling properties with low odour,
excellent opacity and good sanding properties.

  • SIKKENS RUBBOL® WF 3311 New Generation Topcoat family

An opaque exterior joinery topcoat providing high-quality, durable and robust surface
finish with excellent weather resistance and sag resistance. During tests, it performed in
outdoor weather conditions ranging from the −10 °C temperatures found in Malmö,
Sweden, through to 32 °C and 85% relative humidity climates typical of Borneo.

Andrew Smith, senior buyer at CG Fry & Son, which has now developed more than 600 new homes, offices and shops in Poundbury, said: “Taunton Joinery are a key strategic supplier to us at CG Fry & Son. They supplied the windows and front doors for the Poundbury project which all had Sikkens products applied to them as per the specification set out by Taunton Joinery.”

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