Finger Protection for Doors, from Strand Hardware Ltd, have been successfully tested at EXOVA to BS8613 ..

Finger Protection for Doors

This standard gives a benchmark for professional bodies to refer to and assists manufacturers in designing acknowledged fit-for-purpose products to aid in the prevention of serious injury to little and big fingers alike. It aims to reduce the risk of inadvertent injury to fingers by ensuring that Finger Protection devices are rigorously tested.

Our FP200 & FP400 have achieved Class 2 which is the highest level in the UK

FP200 and FP400 are fitted on the hanging stile on new doors or retrofitted on existing doors and remain the dominant finger protection devices within the industry, with proven use in the UK and International Markets.

We are not aware of any known incidents of entrapment or product failure since we began in 1991!

It is children who suffer a disproportionate number of finger entrapment injuries, although adults are also at risk, mainly because of their lack of understanding of the dangers presented by doors.

This new British Standard therefore covers the needs of all age groups and aims to minimise the risk of injury to fingers that can lead to hospital treatment or in severe cases amputation.

BS 8613: 2017 Finger protection Devices for Pedestrian doors means that there will be less of this –

  • Inadvertant trapping of fingers in doors
  • Injuries to small and big fingers alike
  • Injuries requiring hospital treatment and even amputation
  • High cost court claims

And more of this –

  • Peace of mind for parents and child care professionals alike
  • Safer play
  • Benchmark for specifiers

FP200 or FP400 Finger Protectors have been successfully tested to:

  • BS8613: 2017 Finger Protection for Pedestrian Doors
  • EN16654: 2015 Child Protection Products

And meet the requirements of:

EN16005: 2012 – Power operated pedestrian doorsets ( FP200 @ 2015mm)

* (Conditions apply to lifetime guarantee)

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