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Building Boards

Sanwell Walls with integrated niche

Robust wall elements with a thickness of 100mm and a width of 900 or 1200mm are ideal for use as free-standing walls. wedi Sanwell Wall elements are not only waterproof to the core but are also fully customisable: the height and width is easy to adjust to required dimensions and the size of the integrated niche can also be modified to suit. Simply bond to floor & wall with wedi 610 adhesive sealant and after reinforcement of joints it’s ready to tile or plaster.

wedi building boards – 50, 60, 80 & 100mm

wedi’s 100% waterproof tile backer boards from 50mm thickness are approved for use as shower partitions. They can be used for creating up to 1200mm long separation walls when attached on 2 sides, but once attached to a wall, floor and a solid cementitious ceiling structure the length becomes limitless. Besides standard sizes (2500x600mm), there are XL (2500x900mm) and XXL (2500x1200mm) formats especially developed for this purpose – by reducing the number of joints, they simplify the installation process enormously.

Benefits of both solutions: Various formats in many different sizes, significantly shorter installation time, strong enough to support shower doors, radiators & shelving and the final height can be shortened during tiling.

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