Spirotech develops bespoke Fluid Conditioning range with Grundfos Pumps Ltd ..

Fluid Conditioning

Spirotech has forged a partnership with Grundfos that will enable this leading pump manufacturer to offer a bespoke range of fluid conditioning systems specially developed for larger commercial projects.

In particular, the new offering includes a SpiroPress atmospheric spill expansion range with a Category 5 break tank. This means that specifiers and facilities managers no longer need to rely on RPZ valves for backflow prevention.

Spirotech has re-engineered the SpiroPress to offer six advanced pressurisation units, brought to market by Grundfos as the PHP A series.

The series combines a balanced pressure system with an effective pressure step deaerator function and an inter-link to a top-up pressurisation unit.

It is being promoted as ‘an ideal solution for large or tall installations where standard diaphragm expansion equipment is limited’.

Spirotech UK Business Unit Director Kevan Peaker, said: “This is an exciting partnership that brings two great brands together, the result of which is the development of this exclusive, enhanced product range that is already gaining attention in the market.”

The PHP A1 is a narrow format floor standing pressurisation unit suitable for large residential and commercial applications, while PHP A4 to A9, also floor standing, is a top-up pressurisation unit for use in commercial and industrial systems. Both series have an 18-litre break tank.

Introduction of a Category 5 break tank makes the units better suited for the UK market. The break tank ensures a ‘more than adequate’ backflow prevention is achieved, while avoiding costs associated with the alternative solution of an RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) valve.

Kevan Peaker added: “From initial talks to launch has taken two years, during which we have worked closely with the Grundfos technical team, re-evaluating everything, from hydraulics, to electronics, to wiring and then testing in the field.

“The response has been instant and positive. It justifies the hard work and dedication of both teams, and we expect that interest in the marketplace to continue to grow.”

The full extended range, for heating and cooling and potable water installations, extends across pressurisation units, vacuum degassers, and air and dirt separators.

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