Sikkens Wood Coatings celebrate successful 20-year association with Accoya brand ..


No matter what industry you operate in, relationship building is key to future success, and one of the most effective ways for any business to do this, is by forging long-term business associations with like-minded companies and suppliers. Increasingly, the innovation they deliver to the end user is the product of collaboration where sharing skills, resources and expertise can help both parties to flourish.

It’s this very ethos of co-operation that Blackburn-based coatings manufacturer Sikkens Wood Coatings, an AkzoNobel subsidiary, have been embracing with Accsys Technologies who produce the world-renowned timber modification brand Accoya. It’s a success story and relationship that’s been running for over 20 years. Dialling back the clock to 1999 Sikkens Wood Coatings were the only coatings tested for use on acetylated wood. It’s a testament to both the quality required and rigorous R&D undertaken by both companies.

In 2015, Accsys Group set up a testing programme for exterior coating outdoor exposure testing to EN927-3 standards at their Arnhem facility. This would forge closer contact to their coating system partners and affirm the promoted coating’s performance longevity. Sikkens Wood Coatings supported the programme by submitting coated samples. After 3 years continual outdoor exposure the samples were fully inspected and assessed confirming that the warranty statements to be accurate. Accsys have now taken this to the next stage and a Phase II programme with Sikkens Wood Coatings and other leading coating companies is planned to be launched in June this year.

In 2016 coatings from the Sikkens Wood Coatings range also formed the framework of a 10- year interactive timber and coating study carried out on test rigs for uninterrupted exposure to natural weathering in conjunction with the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA). These results were published recently and showed that significantly longer maintenance free intervals were possible when high quality coating systems were combined with the stability properties that Accoya delivers. It’s a professional relationship
that’s providing true quality and reliability for a host of applications.

To further aid product choices Sikkens Wood Coatings have made the detailing of their product offer when using Accoya available online. Their distribution partners will be happy to discuss any specific needs that prospective customers have regarding their factory processes and equipment.

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