Tarkett’s new DESSO Orchard Carpet Tile collection brings a slice of the great outdoors ..

Carpet Tile

Tarkett’s new DESSO Orchard carpet tile collection brings a slice of the great outdoors to commercial interiors. The unique design mimics the visual effect that’s created when viewing a cluster of planted trees from above. Irregular grid patterns are used to create this, as well as adding texture and interest to large-scale commercial projects.

Extremely versatile, the range is available in a palette of twelve colours, which allows Orchard carpet tiles to be combined in various tones to create differentiated ‘zones’ in large spaces. Tarkett has fantastic credentials in championing sustainable products. The Orchard collection is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified, and comes with DESSO EcoBase backing as standard.

To find out more about Carpet Tiles by Tarkett, particularly Orchard, click here

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