Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing System by Kemper System ..

Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing System

A liquid roofing and waterproofing system, which was the first of its kind to be launched in the UK, has turned 20.

KEMPEROL 2K-PUR, which is manufactured by Kemper System, has retained its unique market position over the last two decades. It remains the only cold liquid-applied wet-on-wet waterproofing product in the UK which is sustainably sourced, solvent-free and completely odourless.

Manufactured using an 80 per cent castor-oil formula derived from sustainable sources, the liquid system bonds directly to the substrate forming a seamless, elastomeric waterproof membrane that cannot delaminate and is UV stable.

Kemperol 2K-PUR is applied using a reinforcement fleece, which has recently been upgraded. The new fleece is perforated as part of the production process rather than needle punched post manufacture. This makes it stronger and greatly reduces the formation of air bubbles under the fleece allowing the resin to saturate the fleece more quickly and improving the speed of application.

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