Wall-Protective Coating, Silancolor Tonachino PLUS, by Mapei ..

Resin-Based Coating

Mapei’s Silancolor Tonachino Plus is a fibre-reinforced silicon resin-based coating, ideal for internal and external surfaces that can be affected by the growth of algae, mould and fungi. It comes in a paste form with good filling capacity, making it perfect for a contemporary finish.

The double synergic action carried out by the components contained in Silancolor Tonachino Plus eliminates the causes which create conditions favourable to the growth of micro-organisms, and instead offer excellent protection for the façade due to it containing a special agent that controls growth.

Silancolor Tonachino Plus is particularly ideal for protecting deteriorating or north-facing facades due to its excellent repellence to water and its resistance to UV rays, cracking, and ageing. Its special formulation mean substrates have good permeability to water vapour and are highly water-repellent. Unlike conventional synthetic coating products, it forms a porous layer rather than a film which is impermeable to water vapour, while the special silicon resins contained in the product form an excellent barrier against the penetration of water, so that the render always remains dry.

Available in various grain sizes, including new 1.5mm, it combines the advantages of mineral coating materials for high breathability, as well as those of synthetic coatings for a uniform colour, and excellent adhesion to old paintwork (depending on its condition). It is also available in colours obtained using the ColorMap® automatic colouring system by Mapei for your ideal match.

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