A modern asymmetric rainscreen cladding façade design by CUPA PIZARRAS ..


OFFSET is the 7th CUPACLAD® Design concept by CUPA PIZARRAS. Every year, CUPA PIZARRAS launches new innovative concepts for designing slate rainscreen claddings. A source of inspiration to create one-of-a-kind slate rainscreen claddings.

CUPACLAD® Design OFFSET stands out for its asymmetric pattern. It combines two asymmetric formats to create an irregular pattern. The designers took rustic stone facades as the source of inspiration for this new concept and they transformed it into a truly modern design.

This new slate façade design uses the same screws as the CUPACLAD® 101 series of CUPA PIZARRAS. Each slate unit is fixed to an aluminium structure by two flathead screws which remain invisible when overlapping the slate units.

To find out more about CUPACLAD® Design concept for rainscreen cladding by CUPA PIZARRAS, please click here.

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