A New Generation of Sectional Garage Doors by Hörmann ..

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Hörmann UK, Europe’s leading door manufacturer, is offering architects and specifiers the opportunity to add a personal touch to residential properties with the launch of its new aluminum frame sectional garage door (ART 42).

Offering outstanding durability and longevity, the latest sectional garage door is constructed from Hörmann’s impressive industrial offering, featuring an aluminium frame, with a range of infill options, from synthetic double pane grey tinted glazing to perforated stainless steel.

The 11 infill variations maximise available natural light, while the aluminium frame can be coated in up to 15 preferred colours and can be colour matched, ideal for unique high-end developments. The aluminium frame door is also available for side garage doors, which helps create a uniformed look across an entire property or complex.

Hörmann has also launched 24 new Duragrain finishes, which enables professionals to move away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach of traditional garage doors, providing the flexibility to create a unique exterior to the property. Duragrain is a unique printed finish that contains a protective exterior coating to provide an ultra scratch-resistant surface finish, whilst also offering a wide range of visual styles, from concrete to Walnut.

The latest ranges are available on Hörmann UK’s newly updated Architects’ Programme, which provides real-time collaboration between architects, engineers and contractors to streamline the design process.

The system provides the necessary data required at the planning stages of a build across its industrial, commercial and domestic product ranges. This includes its industrial, domestic garage doors, front entrance doors and timber internal doors, as well as loading technology and much more besides.

To access the Architects’ Programme and start collaborating smarter, visit: https://www.hormann.co.uk/architects/architecture-consultation/architects-programme/.

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