Glidevale ground gas membrane solution with Protect GDB10 Plus ..


Providing a continuous, impermeable protective barrier against ground gases including methane, radon, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons, Protect GDB10 Plus membrane is suitable for Amber 1 and 2 applications as defined by NHBC. The product is compliant with BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 and has also been independently assessed and certified by BM TRADA.

The reinforced LDPE membrane with an aluminium core, has a mass of 195g/m2 which is lower than most other gas membrane manufacturers making onsite mobility easy. Despite having a low mass, Protect GDB10 Plus’ tensile and puncture strength is far superior, ensuring minimal damage when fitting, which is part of BS 8485 Table 7’s Key Criteria. Each roll covers 120m2 and has no folds, which guarantees concrete can be poured easily and effectively as there are no creases. With a larger roll there are less joints to tape, reducing the overall time to lay the membrane.

The full Glidevale gas protection system uses a high performance gas resistant tape manufactured from Protect GDB10 Plus, assuring consistency for joints. By using a taped system, the minimum thickness and mass example stated in BS 8485, does not apply. Section C3 specifies the required thickness of a membrane is determined by whether it is welded at the joints, as it must provide sufficient protection and substrate.

Also required by BS 8485, both the membrane and the joint integrity have been independently methane permeability tested to BS ISO 15105-1. As one of the only products on the market with this testing for joints, contractors and housebuilders can have unwavering confidence in the product in creating a fully sealed system.

The company supplies a range of purpose designed, pre-formed accessories to maintain protection at wall cavities, corners, and services to remove the need to form difficult shapes on site. A range of underfloor and cavity wall ventilation accessories removes gases and moisture vapour where required, enabling regulatory requirements for ventilation to be met.

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