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New Altro Ensemble™ wood-effect modular luxury vinyl tiles (LVTs) have been fitted in a loft apartment suite in Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel, Doncaster, to solve a longstanding problem with noise reverberation, and provide a stylish practical flooring.

Hotel Manager, Richard Tyas, said: “Our upstairs apartment suite is very popular with small parties and group bookings who want a private social gathering. Before the refurbishment, the apartment was fitted with carpet, which is standard in hotel rooms, but it was giving us some problems.

“Firstly, the noise from the apartment was reverberating and disturbing guests in the bedrooms below. Secondly, the carpet was hard to keep clean. Food is often served in the apartment, and sometimes if it was ground into the carpet it was difficult to remove. Wear and tear is also an issue, because carpet quickly starts to look shabby and tired.

“So we had a few issues to solve. We work very closely BW Flooring, who do all our refurbishment work, and I discussed these issues with them. They use Altro a great deal and said they would have a flooring that could solve all our problems and give us a stylish, practical surface that would provide good sound-proofing as well.”

Barry Cook from BW Flooring said: “Best Western Doncaster is lovely hotel, and their interior is beautifully designed and furnished. The carpet in the apartment was rather impractical, so they needed an alternative flooring that was stylish enough to be in keeping with the luxurious surroundings, but also practical and proven to reduce noise reverberation.

“Altro recommended their new LVTs, and they really have proven to be the modern solution to this problem. Altro Ensemble is ideal for design-led projects in places where aesthetics are paramount, such as hotels, but also addresses the many other issues that high-traffic locations face. With a 15bB sounds reduction this is an excellent flooring for cutting down noise, and the surface keeps its looks and is so easy to clean. It was a dream to fit, too, and because it comes in planks rather than one sheet, there is so much less wastage.”

Richard Tyas added: “Altro Ensemble has completely lived up to its promise and we are delighted with how it has transformed the apartment. We were so impressed with the huge choice of colours and styles they offered, and we particularly liked the wood effect of Red Vintage Timber, which perfectly complements the old-style red leather and wooden beams in the space. It has added a wonderful warmth, style and unique luxury, which is perfect and exactly the high standard Best Western offers guests.

“The flooring has really helped to reduce the noise and the bedrooms below can now sleep soundly and not be disturbed. People return again and again to the apartment and they have told us they love the new style, and are so impressed with how chic it looks. We are also finding the flooring easy to clean and very durable.

“In addition, if a section of the flooring becomes damaged or worn in the future, we can just replace that one plank rather than the entire floor, so it’s a very cost-effective solution too.

“We are so pleased with Altro that we are hoping to fit their flooring when we upgrade our commercial kitchen. Here, practicality, safety and a smart modern space are the key issues to address, and we are looking forward to moving that on.”

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