Adjustable Glass Balustrades by CRL ..

Adjustable Glass Balustrades

CRL has launched two new ranges of adjustable glass balustrades which are ideal to align glass panels when a handrail is not desired. Both ranges have been tested to BSi standard 6180:2011, are easy and fast to install, and feature the same, unique adjustable system for 12 mm toughened monolithic to 21.52 mm toughened laminated glass.

With a line load of up to 1.5kN/m, CRL POSIGLAZE include a base shoe that can be chosen for surface mount or fascia mount applications in commercial projects.

CRL SPIG-LITE PRO uses individual spigots that raise the glass to 32mm above the floor level for natural drainage and can achieve 0.74kN/m loading required for residential applications.

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