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We all need quality in the modern environment and rigorous testing on products that we use in every-day life is part of both protecting us and developing a way forward that benefits both manufacturers and end users alike.

At Blackburn-based AkzoNobel they know that an industry recognised standard assessment which tests various common ‘problems and challenges’ faced daily by its furniture lacquers is seen as more than crucial in determining quality and longevity. This includes the contract market, which has a tough benchmark and the domestic sector, which has a slightly less rigorous pass mark.

In undergoing a Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) testing programme for a range of their products AkzoNobel can provide an unbiased, holistic and pragmatic set of results borne out of the desire to supply the highest quality of products at every opportunity.

Established in 1949, the Furniture Industry Research Association is the UK’s largest furniture association and the only organisation that provides support to the whole furniture supply train, across all sectors. Their product and furniture testing provide reassurance for manufacturers and their customers, not only for meeting mandatory safety requirements, but as an insight into the performance and durability of a product when it is being used. FIRA’s UKAS-accredited laboratory carries out testing which simulates real-life use and foreseeable misuse for all types of furniture and related products for both the domestic and contract markets. The FIRA general product safety principles are applied to both the domestic and the contract furniture sector. They say, “a product should be suitable for its intended use and so a product should be tested to the correct hazard level for the environment.” Again, a sentiment echoed by AkzoNobel in their quest to ensure that their popular products are continually exposed to a range of independent tests by FIRA.

Recently AkzoNobel have had some very positive results regarding FIRA testing on six of their most popular interior paint coating systems. In each product type FIRA tested a clear and opaque system with the AkzoNobel products achieving a full house of six passes.

The coating systems submitted for FIRA testing were based around three of AkzoNobel’s most popular and innovative systems; the Duracid Formaldehyde Free Acid Catalysed, Quantum and Aqualit systems. All were applied to MDF panels with a clear lacquer finish and an opaque colour tested in all cases.

The test requirements were both rigorous and challenging and included;
• FIRA Standard 6250 2018 Specification: Furniture Materials (Interior):
• Finish Performance – Horizontal Surfaces: For Contract use
• Finish Performance – Horizontal Surfaces: For Domestic use

The performance summary produced passes for all six products
• FS 6250 2018 Finish Performance – Horizontal Surfaces: Contract
• FS 6250 2018 Finish Performance – Horizontal Surfaces: Domestic

Duracid FF from AkzoNobel is a series of acid-curing products delivering high-quality results without the use of formaldehyde. It’s a system that’s Formaldehyde-Free, and isocyanate-free with no odour to the end user on either coated furniture or fittings.

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