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led flood lights

“Specifiers and installers are empowered to be compliant not only by the technology that directs the targeted light beam but also with the comprehensive options of lumens and beam angles we offer across the range.”

The Precision Pro range from Integral features up to 16 banks of LEDs, providing lumen output ranging from 13,000lm – 153,000lm. Each bank of LEDs is focussed with a precision engineered lens that enables the light to be directed with a high degree of accuracy and significantly reduce the effects of light nuisance in outdoor installations.

The range offers an extensive choice of beam angles, with certain models able to project asymmetrical beams to illuminate specific areas of a building’s facade. In this way, certain architectural features can be ‘picked-out’ within a structure. The luminaire range has recently been broadened to include models with RGB colour changing facility to truly enable design choice.

Integral’s new floodlight is rugged and weatherproof, with an aluminium and polycarbonate body. IP65 and IK10 ratings provide outstanding protection from dust and water as well as very high impact-resistance. The Precision Pro range is truly innovative and is the ideal choice for professional applications from lighting buildings to sporting venues, retail or industrial estates.

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