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Permeable Paving

New legal requirements for Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) on developments across Wales now apply, heralding wider use of concrete block permeable paving. Meanwhile, the trade association Interpave has published the new Edition 7 of its definitive guidance to this essential SuDS technique.

Welsh National Standards point out that: “The SuDS approach mimics natural drainage, managing surface runoff at or close to the surface and providing a range of additional benefits. Where SuDS are on the surface, high quality visual impact is essential to ensuring public acceptability and maximise amenity benefits.”

By its very nature, concrete block permeable paving is uniquely placed to meet these requirements, as an attractive, surface-based, multifunctional SuDS technique. Permeable paving provides an inherent drainage system that requires no additional land take for water storage, treatment or conveyance. It also addresses both flooding and pollution issues, eliminating pipework, gulleys and manholes, and should therefore cost less than conventional drainage and paving.

Interpave’s new ‘Design and Construction of Concrete Block Permeable Pavements’ guidance covers the latest permeable paving techniques. The structural and hydraulic engineering design procedures have been comprehensively updated and new, straightforward maintenance guidance added.

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