ITP launch Flame Retardant Membrane for Roof and Walls ..

flame retardant membrane

In a UK building materials first, Industrial Textiles & Plastics (ITP) has launched a Euroclass A2 flame retardant breathable membrane for roof and wall installations. Powerlon FlameOut Breathe Class A is a woven material, engineered to be rated non-combustible according to the highest level of UK and European standards. Independently tested to EN 13501-1, FlameOut Breathe Class A is rated A2-s1,d0. Prior to the launch of this innovative multipurpose breather membrane, the highest level of flame retardant breather materials offered in the UK were Class 0 (BS 476 Parts 6 & 7) or Euroclass B.

The introduction of FlameOut Breathe Class A is timely: changes to UK building regulations have banned the use of combustible materials on the external walls of new buildings over 18 metres that contain flats, plus new hospitals, residential care properties and dormitories in schools and student accommodation. “FlameOut Breathe Class A represents a new generation of fire protection materials for the construction industry,” said ITP’s Managing Director, Marc van der Voort. “It builds on our two decades of experience in flame retardant technology for construction materials as well as temporary containment sheeting.”

While the Euroclass B rating is the highest for flammable materials, Class A2 rated materials are non-combustible. The S1 rating indicates very limited smoke development while the d0 rating shows no burning droplets when the material is exposed to direct flame during the testing process.

CE Certified FlameOut Breathe Class A is heavyweight with very high tensile strength, good water vapour transmission and is rated W1 for water tightness. Proprietary FR tapes and glues are offered with the membrane for effective installation.

Other flame retardant breather membranes in the Powerlon range include FlameOut Breathe (rated Class B-s1,d0) and UV resistant breather membranes, which are suitable for use behind open or closed ventilated rainscreens and facades: Powerlon UV145FR (Class B-s3,d0) and Powerlon UV Colour FR (Class B-s2,d0). Also in the FlameOut product range are FlameOut Block and FlameOut Block Plus, flame retardant vapour control layers (VCLs) rated Class B-s1,d0.

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