Kidde rethinking Fire Alarms & CO Safety CPD Programme ..

cpd programme

Kidde has launched a programme of independently accredited CPD presentations and discussion documents to help all those involved with housing rethink their approach to fire and carbon monoxide alarms.

With several – often conflicting – regulations and standards currently under review, Kidde’s new CPD programme will help housebuilders, housing providers and other specifiers understand the issues involved. One certainty in this uncertain regulatory environment is that smoke, heat and CO alarms offer the first line of defence against fire or carbon monoxide in all types of housing, providing critical early warning at low costs.

But the right provision of alarms – to detect fire or CO, and also ensure that occupants are alerted throughout the home – is critical. Here, Kidde’s independently certified CPD presentations and ‘Guide to regulations & standards’ documents covering smoke/heat alarms and CO alarms, can help. In addition to reviewing current minimum requirements, topical issues and conflicts between the various current and proposed standards and regulations are addressed as ‘Talking Points’ to help readers question recommendations and make their own judgements.

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