New polycarbonate rooflight from Xtralite improves sound attenuation ..


Renowned rooflight manufacturer Xtralite has added a unique range of rooflights to its extensive portfolio to support growing demand for such technologies in a wide range of commercial installations. 

Dometec, is a polycarbonate, duo-skinned rooflight that achieves unrivalled levels of light transmission and diffusion and doubles the sound reduction when compared with a triple skin polycarbonate rooflight.

“Dometec is a superb new product provides thermal properties to help meet Part L of Buidling Regulations and diffuse light effectively removing the harsher presence of direct natural light where glass rooflights are used,” said Jim Lowther sales director Xtralite. “With a subtle domed appearance it is entirely suitable in a wide range of public buildings where the benefits of natural light need to be reaped for building occupant wellbeing or where sound and rain noise needs to be reduced.

“It is important to us that we develop products that deliver health and aesthetic benefits alongside the requirements of specifiers and contractors and facilities managers,” said Jim. “This modular roof lights range provides the perfect solution diffusing sound and natural light to manage temperature and comfort of the building for users.”

The product has an EU patent pending and supports the requirements of Part L Building Regulations.  It is also achieves TPa Class 1 BS 476 fire and can be deemed Class 0 and its unique core material is non-combustable.

To find out more about the new polycarbonate rooflight from Xtralite, please click here. 

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