Marley expands dry verge range ..

dry verge

Marley has launched a new dry verge specifically designed to complement its popular Ashmore double interlocking plain tile. 

Developed to meet housebuilder demand for a slimmer aesthetic, the Ashmore Dry Verge has a sleek and stylish design and comes in sections, so it can easily create a maintenance-free, traditional stepped verge appearance. 

In addition, the new Ashmore Dry Verge is much narrower in comparison to other existing products on the market, yet still has the in-built features that make it easier to fix to British Standards.  

The new dry verge includes incorporated features, such as multiple drainage channels, extra nail holes and an internal rail system, to make it quicker and simpler for housebuilders to meet BS 8612 and BS 5534 requirements.  Its outstanding weather performance also protects against water run-off, preventing staining on the verge and gable end walls.

The Ashmore Dry Verge is supplied in individual units, rather than a continuous verge, to easily create a traditional stepped verge appearance.  Available in grey, terracotta and brown the Ashmore Dry Verge is compatible with Marley’s existing range of Ashmore tiles, and can also be used with other manufacturers’ concrete interlocking plain tiles on the market.

To find out more about the new dry verge range by Marley, please click here.

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