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UK based Rizistal, the manufacturer and supplier of easy-to-use, repair and protect products are delighted to be launching two products for 2019 as part of their new Wall Coatings range. This range will allow Contractors and Facilities Managers to undertake important building maintenance during the winter months.

Rizistal Hygienic Wall Paint VP-1 is an easy-to-apply, fast drying, hygienic, acrylic wall paint that has been specially designed to deliver a low-odour, solvent-based formulation that will give an antifungal finish to walls, concrete and masonry.

Rizistal Hygienic Wall Paint VP-1 offers a number of benefits including a fast drying formula, ultra-low odour once applied, and a hardwearing, protective wall cover courtesy of the Portland cement that it contains.

Rizistal is also excited to announce the launch of Rizistal Damp-Proof Anti-Mould Paint.

Rizistal VP-12 is a state of the art, anti-mould and damp-proof, coating. Its specially designed waterproofing technology gives excellent adhesion to walls, concrete, and masonry in both damp and dry conditions. It is ideal for cellar walls and also sealing concrete slabs prior to flooring installation.

What makes VP-12 unique is its excellent mould protection with low odour formulation which provides a waterproof finish up to 34 psi. It resists dust pick up after curing, is fast drying and easy to apply.

Both products are part of a two-coat system. The first coat will prime and seal the surface in use while the second coat completes the sealing process to ensure protection against mildew growth on the paint film.

Alex Holdway, Product Manager for Rizistal, commented: “Launching both Hygienic Wall Paint VP-1 and Damp-Proof Anti-Mould Paint VP-12 for 2019 provides our trade customers with an important extension to our industrial grade product range, allowing them to take part in maintenance during the winter period.”

“At Rizistal we’re extremely proud of our heritage and have over 50 years experience that has helped us become industry experts. We believe both VP-1 and VP-12 showcase our position within the market. We see this move into Wall Coatings as a key addition to our product offering, which we will look to grow over the next 12 months.”

The official launch date for Rizistal VP-1 and VP-12 is January 11th 2019.

To find out more about the new 2019 products by Rizistal, please click here. 

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